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Vision & Mission

Emporio Valentino was born from the will of the entrepreneur Francesco Valentino , after years of proven experience and professionalism in the field as an excellent trader, always in close contact with his customers and satisfying their needs, specializing in particular in the sale of coffee in all formats, to broaden its horizons in the digital market, through this simple and intuitive e-commerce portal, where it will gradually offer a vast range of food products to the online public; which is of crucial importance today in the era of digitalisation for the purposes of acquiring new customers more inclined towards electronic commerce.

With high quality products, primarily in the field of gastronomy and Calabrian excellences such as 'Nduja and other fine sausages, Valentino opens its door to click & buy in the world of e-commerce confident in having, in the same way as operates in the reality of its physical store, the possibility of expanding its Vision and maintaining faith in its mission of great professionalism as a seller always open to communication and available to satisfy the needs of the customer's priorities.

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